Temple University students, staff, and visitors participated in selecting the top honors for the BITS 2.0 Pumpkin e-carve challenge. Photos of pumpkins entered into the competition and a map mash-up of pumpkin submissions have been posted to:


Many thanks to the 277 voters, 400 event guests, project staff, staff and children at St. Christopher's hospital, prize donors and BITS program participants for helping to launch the first-of-its-kind pumpkin e-carving event.


The BITS Program is sponsoring a web 2.0 enabled Pumpkin Carving event invovling high school students from North Philadelphia, Temple University Students and Staff, and Virtual Contestants. The competition was launched on October 22 through instructing BITS After School Students on how to use e-carve tools. The students have been submitting pumpkins, creating a web archive of pumpkins submitted to the competition, sponsoring a live judging event of submitted pumpkins, and donating pumpkins to the children's floor St. Christopher's Hospital. Today we are going to teach children at St. Chris' how to enter their own pumpkin into the competition. To enter the competition see the rules at:



The Project Beta website was designed to share information related to the use of web 2.0 technologies for  connecting persons with physical disabilities with high school students in North Philadelphia. The BITS Project, an NSF ITEST Program, aims to improve technology skills among high school students and to provide instruction about basic geographic and place concepts related to using interactive geographic information tools. Our efforts to raise awareness about the perspectives and experiences of persons with physical disabilities is to shape awareness of BITS participants about what can be done to create enabling spaces in urban environments like North Philadelphia, PA.