Project Beta
BITS Program
Temple University

Philadelphia, PA 19122

Phone/Fax: 215.204.3596

Coordinator: Langston Clement, Graduate Research Assistant

Information about Project Beta

Project Beta was initiated in the Summer of 2007 as a project aimed at providing high school students engaged in the BITS Program with hands on experience with web 2.0 technologies. Students used blogs, web video, web maps, and web design tools to raise awareness about the issue of accessibility in urban environments for persons with physical disabilities. North Philadelphia and Temple University's Main Campus were the settings for students to conduct an accessibility assessment and document what they found. They chose to create a short video that depicts the different accessibilities faced by wheelchair users as compared with individuals who walk in their quest to gain entry into the Admissions Office located in Conwell Hall, an historic building named after the university's founder Russell Conwell. Students used geographic tools such as Google Earth and Sketch Up applications to further illustrate the local context and to revision typical campus spaces.