Learning Resources for Enabling Spaces

The materials shown below were developed for the BITS Program, an ITEST Project funded by the National Science Foundation. These materials include lecture presentations and associated content resources. And, procedures for field experiences for students, using web interactive tools for disseminating ideas, and using web tools for visualizing local settings are described. Finally, some additional resources for learning about geographies of disabilities are provided.

Lecture and Content

1. Enabling Spaces Powerpoint Presentation by Michael Dorn of Temple University

2. Glossary of terms used in Enabling Spaces

3. Enabling Spaces Lesson

4. Enabling Spaces Lab Exercise

5. Enabling Spaces Field Exercise

Disabilities Studies on the Web

1. Disabilities Studies Blog - Temple University

2. Geogable Listserv

3. Geography and Disabilities Web Resources

For complete lesson materials related to BITS and Enabling Spaces, click here.

To access an animated tutorial on how to use Google Sketch up, click here.